Trying to live a life of purpose and re-purpose...

Originally, my "mission" was to make a market bag that could be used at any store. I loved the idea of using reusable bags, but I always had the bag with me that had another stores name on it. So, I decided to make a market bag out of recycled fabrics that I could use at any store. I tried to design a market bag that was too cute to "forget"...which is the comment I hear most often, "I always forget to take my bag to the store". I forget my bags too, and it drives me nuts because I have like 20 bags! My reusable bags are washable, durable and environmentally friendly because I "re-purpose" drapes, shower curtains, jeans and dresses, fabric remnants, name it and we try to re-use it!

That's how it started but now it has evolved to so much more...having so many little scrapes of fabric that I didn't want to waste, I had to think of something to make...that's when I started making the scrappy and snappy hat flowers.

To be continued....there is so much more to say and it's so darn interesting :0) But, I gotta go sew! Thanks for reading this far.

Did you know that the average American throws away 67.9 pounds of clothing per year? That is 2 quadrillion pounds of clothing that end up in our landfills each year!

Green is "in" and we all want to do our part in helping our planet. Here at Easy to Bee Green our focus is on how doing something small, like donating your used clothing to a favorite charity or having a yard sale, can have a huge impact.

Easy to Bee Green is easier than you think!